Goldengrove's vision is to combine the best of European and New Zealand bloodlines to produce the ultimate sporthorse.


Our philosophy is "Insist on the Best". Paul Ffoulkes has a highly astute ability for assessing pedigrees and bloodlines. Goldengrove's genetics stack up with the best in the world! This is because Paul and Pip not only purchase Top Performing Approved Stallions - but also stallions with progeny that are showing all the desirable attributes of a Pre-Potent Pedigree.


While fashions and trends often distract amateur breeders, the Ffoulkes family history is a commitment to the long term success of the sporthorse industry. Retaining essential blood necessary to ensure a New Zealand Performance horse is capable of competing on a world stage, now and for future generations.


This is our commitment to New Zealand Sporthorse Breeding.